Welcome to Chicago Sax Repair- The Best Brasswind Repair Shop in Chicago!saxophone repair in the Chicago area

For more than 20 years we have been fixing the bruised and abused brasswinds of the Windy City and the neighboring suburbs. If you need your horn repaired or if you are just looking for a first-class tune-up, call us today.

We have been a favorite of many of the top horn players in the world, from jazz to funk to new age. Garry Hane, our extraordinary designer/tech can make a dead horn come back to life. Whether you have an aged alto, a beat-up baritone or a tricked-out tenor, we can help you solve your brass problems.

Call us today at 1.815.790.5539 for an estimate. Located in the Northwest suburbs, we service the Chicago area and suburbs. Or email us here. It's easy and fast!



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